Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tutorial - Gaffer's Tape Journal Binding and WeRMK Euro Power Punch

Hi, it's Darcie again. Thank you so much for joining us on our Ustream show last Saturday! Here is the vintage mask we altered to contain a mini-album.

It was so fun sharing childhood memories with you! We also enjoyed the pictures you posted on Twitter of you in your Halloween costumes :-) so cute! I showed you how to make a buckle binding with the WeRMK Euro Hole Power Punch and gaffers tape. It is a strong vinyl-coated fabric tape that can be used similarly to duct tape. I had it on hand and it was black, so there ya go.


 I came up with three different ways to bind albums with it and I am sure there are many others. The one we made on Saturday was a simple buckle binding using 1" wide rings made out of gaffers tape and Velcro.  It is lightweight, versatile and doesn't limit you to the size of the album you want to make.  You can use buttons, large brads or the bling I used. It will be pretty either way.  If you want to see the complete instructions for the Halloween version, check out our Ustream channel, ScrappyCamperSisters.

I also made two more styles for journals, a chipboard-covered one and a simple folded cover.   Here are pictures of what I was describing in this video. To make a chipboard cover, make a three part cover and line each piece with the paper of your choice. Tape the pieces together with the gaffers tape after punching the holes in the spine.  This is what the cover looks like inside when you are joining the cover pieces. You only place the tape up to the holes in the spine. Tape on both sides.

 Add the pages and wrap the gaffers tape "rings" through the spine. Isn't it purdy? You can use buttons, brads or bling like I did here.

For the folded cover journal below, I used several pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" colored card stock, folded each one in half on the long side and then punched with the Euro Power Punch as in the journal above. To make the cover, I cut a larger piece of card stock so that it was 1/4" wider to cover the pages and scored it down the middle. I then stacked my folded pages and fit them inside the cover.  I traced inside the hole on the pages with a pencil to mark the inside of the cover where the punch should go so that it would match the pages. Next, I folded the cover inside out and then punched, following my markings.

Here is the inside of this journal:

I folded it back and put the pages in.  Here is the outside. I used duct tape this time on the spine:

And here is the finished journal. These are all quick and easy - I hope you will try them!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gettin' Ready for Trick or Treat

Hello, campy people! This is Darcie, remembering fun times on Halloween. I used to love Halloween as a kid. We always dressed up and went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Depending on how many children in the family there were that year, we may have pulled a little one in the wagon, but we always went together. My dad drove us sometimes because it could get cold in New England and I remember wearing leggings under my costume a time or two! I can't find pictures of me in my costumes, but I do have the memories.  My favorite costume was one my mom made of a Native American Princess. I was also a ballerina, a witch and a Medieval Princess.  I was a lot of princesses - hmmm, go figure!

So, as an ode to a more innocent time, not to mention grocery store costumes and those plastic masks that would make your face sweat, I offer you this Vintage Mask Wall Hanging.

What a fun way to decorate for Halloween and it would make a great gift. The mask is reinforced with paper mache inside and there is a pocket that can hold candy and a mini album.

This one is my fave Wonder Woman and we will be making a different one to give away on our show.  So, come join the fun when we broadcast on Ustream Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014 at 9 AM EDT. See you there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A little trip to the Antique Mall and some Annie Sloan Paint

I found a great Antique Mall, this place was so cool! They had every era and lots of painted pretties.
Here are some photos I snapped while browsing:

I always think it is funny to see seashells for sale in Florida.

Lots of eye candy around every corner. I ended up buying some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to paint a bench I have by my front door. I picked a lovely shade called Provence. It's almost the color of Zippee, go figure!

I will definitely be going back, I will make sure to take more photos, I never even made it upstairs.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Antiquing in PA

Fun times and beautiful weather that is all I can say. Junking in Pennsylvania with my family proved very interesting lol. My SIL and I found shelves of boxes of found relatives, she struggled with the fact that they were someone's family and then they end up in a box in a junk store. But I said we can adopt them and give them new lives. So we created a whole story around Beatrice and gave her a husband and children and a long lost grandpa in France. We even found a pic of her in a 1910 bathing suit at the beach!
We then made our way to Premise Maid candy and ice cream shop, oh glory, this place was heaven.  They were giving out free samples, don't mind if I do, ha! The ice cream was delish except for the Tea Berry it was gross and tasted like Pepto Bismal, but it soon was replaced by the wonderful flavor of coconut, caramel, chocolate, their Girl Scout ice cream which I believed to be patterned after the Samoa cookie (my personal fave).

I hope everyone is having a great week, I will be posting pictures of Zippee's Homecoming next week so stay tuned

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking A Pitstop Retro Motel Mini Album

Howdy Campers!
We can not wait to tell you all about the last few adventures we have taken so I hope you can join us for our Ustream class on September 6th at 9 am EST
Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming project: Inspired by many miles on the road.
So Dew Drop Inn and join us, we stream pretty much all day so don't feel like you have to stay for the whole thing if you dont have time, we would love it even if you just do a drive by and wave! We will eventually have a template and tutorial coming soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bowl-O-Rama Bowling Bag Mini Album Supply List

Hello Campers! Here is the supply list for class on Saturday:

Printable Bowling Score Sheet you may want to add this to our project.

Supply List

(1) 24 inch zipper
 Kraftex color of your choice
Patterned Paper
Solid Cardstock
Sewing machine or a stapler
Beacon Quick Dry glue
4 D rings
1 pkg of purse feet I found mine at Joann's Craft Store
4 brads
Hot Glue Gun
3/4" piping cord 7 inches
1/8th of a yard of vinyl for the handle
Various embellishments of your choice
Print out of the templates

Remember to join us Saturday morning June 7th at 9 a.m. EST HERE
And pease click the follow button above the screen so you will get our Ustream event reminders.