Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Adoribles and Some Planner Goody Packs Are In

Hello I just refreshed and added some new items to the A-Dori-bles Tab. I added some new fabrics and a few planner goody packs some of which I brought back from the London Hema Store :)

Thank you so much for the love and support, I will be posting some highlights of our trip to London and my missions trip to Denmark this weekend. We had such a great trip. If you want to hear us talk about our travels go to our Ustream channel and you can hear all about our visits with some of the UK Ustream gals and our classes we took with Wendy Vecchi. We also show our gifty haul and class projects.
Here are a few photos off my selfie stick to hold you over :P

Fortnum and Mason

In Victoria Station (Julia, Joyce Moomie and Fiona)

In a Black Cab (I wish I had taken a shot of the cab driver)

With Nicky

Wendy Vecchi Class



Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A-Dori-bles Are In Da House!

That's what my friend Dede has named them and it stuck :) 

You can go to the tab above and see which ones are available for sale. 100 percent of proceeds go to support mission trips. Missionaries like myself have to raise support to go, I suppose it tests your heart a bit, when you give a sacrifice that cost you something. I will be leaving for Denmark this summer, Peru and Columbia in the fall. I went to Peru in 2013 and my life was impacted greatly and now the door of invitation has been opened to me once again and I want to go! 
By supporting me you also are going with me, partaking in the same experiences I am. I never thought I would be making something to sell on line for support, I was just making a few to put in my garage sale. I cannot express how deeply touched I am for those who have reached out and encouraged me. My Sister for telling me what a "dori" even is and how to make a duct one (see our Stuck on You Post), Barb Owens (Creating Faces on Ustream) for teaching me to put the front facing bobbin in a few years back (see how your kindness continues to bear fruit) and Dede for purchasing the first one, and showing it on her Ustream channel (Coffee and Art in the Morning), Kerri for  buying one as a give a way, YAY! Von for buying 2 and paying way more than what they are worth (bless you). The list goes on and on, my heart has such gratitude.

So here is a little bit about them:
They are made from fabric, they are stiff enough to stand on their own but flexible which makes them cozy. They are all handmade by me and are the same size as a Midori Traveler Notebook. They will fit the inserts Midori makes or as many as you want to make. These are the covers only, no inserts. I will be putting more up over the next coming months but can not guarantee patterns since I only make 2 out of each fabric and some only one. I will however continue to make Canvas ones they are called "The Masterpiece" for all you mixed media artists, they are not pre-washed, but I guess are washable, never tried it so I can not guarantee they will stay in tact. If you want to keep them for a long while you could always spray them with waterproofing spray. 
I hope you enjoy them and take them with you on your travels!

These are just a sampling not necessarily a reflection of what is in stock
These are just a sampling not necessarily a reflection of what is in stock
These are just a sampling not necessarily a reflection of what is in stock

Thank you again for your support!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy National Scrapbooking Day 2015!

Hi, everyone - Darcie here, wishing you a happy NSD! There is lots going on today on Ustream, including our show at 10:00 am. We are making a cute storage piece for your Pocket Letters using a wooden paper towel holder. You can also make one yourself from a dowel and plaque, so I will post that below. If you are familiar with the Pocket Letter craze, started by Jeanette Lane at, you will know that we have all been sending and receiving them like crazy. We didn't want to put them in a binder because of all the goodies they contain for use on our projects, so we wanted them to be accessible. Johnna designed this so that the whole piece comes off of the pole and makes a book so that once it's full, you can attach another one.

HERE is a printable that will let you keep track and design your pocket letters. You can also take pictures of the ones you send and glue them on there as well:

When you print it, choose Fit to Page and then trim 1/8" inch around the outlines, creating two long and narrow pages and it will fit perfectly in your album. I made them single-sided since they are clipped in but you can print them double-sided if you like.   To make the storage piece you will need:

Wood towel holder or plaque approx. 4-5" and a 1" x 12" dowel
Two chipboard covers, 4 1/4" x 11 1/2" - additional dividers as desired
1 - 1 1/2 yards ribbon
33 brads for the binding
2 pcs 12 x 12 patterned paper or cardstock for binding
Large charm for the top of the pole

We'll post pictures later but come on over to Ustream and check it out! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thanks for Coming to Our Ustream Show! Altered Glove with Prima Butterfly Collection and Tim Holtz

Hi, this is Darcie, thanking you for coming to our April Ustream show. We had a great time as always, and made this girly-girl project, an altered glove and vintage-inspired mini album. Sheri at won the giveaway:

You can see how it was done on our Ustream Show. We also post to our You Tube Channel - ScrappyCamperSisters everywhere.  The vintage glove was decorated with lovely Prima flowers from the Butterfly Collection by Jodi Lee and other Prima flowers from my stash. I also used some Prima trims and lace and pearls from my stash. Use and enjoy your stash peoples! The glove and flowers were sprayed with shots of  Prima Bloom sprays, Cotton Candy and Berry Wine. I accidentally forgot to record the making of this glove, so you won't see the terrifying moment when we sprayed the glove and flowers with the VERY DARK berry spray at my viewers' request lol. But it came out great! The sprays are wonderful, very rich and you can decide how you want them to look by spraying near or far. 

The mini, mini album design is based on Victorian velvet albums from that day. It was made to fit inside the glove and would make such a great gift for Mother's Day, engagements and weddings, birthdays, you name it. 

I used the Tim Holtz mini cabinet cards and papers from the Prima Butterfly Collection to make it. The cotton velveteen has gold embroidery in it and was from a dress I purchased at a thrift store. I wanted to tie in the gold, so I added some gold gilder's paste to the top of the Tim Holtz metal photo frame. You could also do this with gold Distress Paint. 

I used Therm-o-Web Deco Foil glue and foil in Rose Gold for accents inside the album. It ties in the gold and also looks like German scrap when you put it on top of die cuts.

Fortunately, we realized that I wasn't recording when I altered the glove, so I made another one on the show and I just love how it came out. It was done with more Prima but this time we kept it neutral with gold accents and used the Tea Dye Bloom Spray on it. Our friend Kerri, ikerrilove on Ustream, even suggested putting a ring on the finger and giving it as an engagement gift. How cool would that be? 

Our viewers are so creative and love to come up with ways to use our projects! Other ideas that came up during our show for using a glove were:
  • Garden glove with seed packets
  • Work glove with gear-decoration for a man
  • Child's mitten with a mini album

As we discussed on the show, it's also a great way to use a keepsake from a loved one.  You can insert candy and a gift card instead of the mini album if you like too! (All of my projects are designed to hold candy, as my sister says). Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this project! xx Darcie

Mom's Birthday Weekend

Hi, everyone! This is Darcie here, with an update. I surprised my mom for her birthday and it was a crazy, one-full-day trip so I didn't get to stream until the next weekend, We had a blast and she thanks all of you for the warm birthday wishes. When we dragged her into the Scrappy Camper Sisters thing I don't think she ever expected to be so welcomed and it has been a real blessing to her, thanks to our wonderful online friends!

The lovely Zandra at, started Mom on a burlap addiction, so one of the places we went was here:

It is a really cute "mall" of small shops by various vendors:

Mom had fun rifling through the various bins, and we did buy some cool things, one of which is a surprise for sissy - ssshhhhhh:

It was a short and sweet trip but we had a great time. Lunch with Scrappy Camper Nephew later made for a wonderful day: 

Thanks for joining us on the journey - until next time.  xoxo Darcie

Monday, April 6, 2015

Danny Gregory Art Before Breakfast

Thank you all for joining me on Saturday, it was a great day and we had a few artists drop in via phone. One of which is an amazing artist Dede Willingham also known as Inkwell. For my birthday, I sent her the new Danny Gregory book, "Art Before Breakfast" because she like myself is a fan : ) of his work and has been waiting for his book to come out.

Danny Gregory Art Before Breakfast

Here is a photo Dede took while I was streaming, we are both holding our new books, sniffing and petting heehee.

 So we are taking on the challenge to make art before breakfast, the first challenge is draw a piece of fruit while eating it. He had drawn an apple but I only have a pear.
Here is my sketch: Please no judging I am a beginner!

It was a really interesting idea. I never thought to draw my food while I ate it. It made me really pay attention. Well, I will see how this challenge goes, he sure makes drawing sound fun.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Yes We Are Streaming Tomorrow!

But someone is in for a "surprise visit" so I haven't posted anything! Shhh don't tell but it's "somebody" special's birthday. I hope you will join us on Ustream  around 10 am EST. I say around cause I am  not sure how the surprise is going to turn out yet. I will be in the chat though at 10 am EST so I hope you can join in on the fun.